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Heater electrical NEB-M-NS (metal):






Model Num:

Width (mm): Length (mm): Thickness (mm): Power (W):

 heating panels NEB-M-NS (the metal case with a back cover).

NEB-M-NS 0,3  475  575 40 300
NEB-M-NS 0,5  475  780 40 500
NEB-M-NS 0,7  475  1050 40 700

NEB-M-NS heating panels are installed at the rate:
NEB-M-NS 300-watt - up to 13 cubic meters.
NEB-M-NS 500-watt - up to 27 cubic meters.
NEB-M-NS 700-watt - up to 32 cubic meters.

The calculation of heated volume of the space averaged.

Useful life - at least 10 years.



Our company offers the option of individual electric heating, which has several advantages over the gas heating. Individual electric heating consists of heating panels NEB and controlling devices (electronic thermostat) for heating of residential buildings, apartment blocks of serial-type industrial buildings, public, school and child care facilities, residential and other buildings requiring heating.

The main advantages of heating panels NEB are:

The high heat transfer coefficient, with a relatively low power consumption.

  • Large surface heat transfer.
  • A significant component of the radiant heat.
  • Simplicity and reliability of assembly.
  • Do not burn oxygen.
  • The high coefficient of PD.

NEB heating panels have a high electrical and environmentally friendly feature, which completely eliminates the harmful effects on the human body.
Installation is simple NEB installation. For example, installation of two-bedroom apartment is only 3-4 hours (do not beat through holes in the walls and do not require welding operations).

Exploiting heating panels NEB, you get a guaranteed warmth, and warranty for our products.


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