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Under floor heating

We manufacture, sell, install and provide service for STN under floor heating. Below are the basic types of facilities, for which the practical schemes of our products application have been developed:

Of course, this is not a complete list of the possibilities of heating with STN under floor heating. Our experts will assist to design and manufacture heating systems at your special order, which are not mass produced.

Heating panels

HPL heating panels showed themselves to good advantage in the course of individual heating arrangement for various types of premises.

Main advantages: high heat transfer characteristic under relatively low electrical energy consumption, large heat transfer area, significant component of radiant heat (60%), with 40% of convection heat, due to which oxygen is not burnt out, easy and reliable installation, very high degree of efficiency (about 100%), climate control is provided by thermostat.

Electro heater NEB-M-NS (eIectroconvector)


Design convectors NEB-M-NS Differs from the models submitted in the market higher efficiency, due to application of the patented heating elements in low temperature made of the amorphous metal tapes in regular intervals located on all area of case NEB-K, it allows making intensively heat exchange, not burning oxygen.

STN roof anti-freeze systems

Anti-freeze systems manufactured by STN have taken their firm place within the arsenal of designers and construction companies.

The amount of prevented annual losses due to icing of roofs, water drains and gutters at large-scale facilities grows dynamically every year.

Application of STN roof anti-freeze systems prevents:

Snow Melting the Defrosting System

Removal of snow and ice cover from roads, sidewalks and steps with the help of STN heating systems will prevent mechanical traumas and will save from additional expenses related to cleaning entrances, sidewalks, roads and steps from snow and ice.

Our experts will help you with estimations and we will produce at your individual order a heating system to remove snow and ice cover from roads, sidewalks and steps.

STN heating systems in industry

STN heating systems for heating of product pipelines.

Operating pipes and pipelines is often complicated due to their freezing during cold seasons. Jam occurs, flow area is narrowed, and viscosity of liquids being transported grows up. The only way to eliminate their freezing and prevent those problems is to install STN heating system to prevent freezing and heat pipes and pipelines.

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