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About company

STN is a fast-growing company with a wide dealer network, representative offices in the regions of Ukraine and abroad, with its head-office in the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

STN aims at development of applications in the field of heating using amorphous metal ribbons as soft heating element. Amorphous ribbon is more effective compared to the heaters based on conventional metal wires thanks to the following essential advantages: large heat transfer area, small weight, low cost, "soft" temperature and lower insulation requirements.

In our production, we use the most advanced designs and technologies as well as high-quality materials. The unique technology of STN, LLC. successfully copes with different heating tasks, where necessary

Patents, licenses, certificates


All the products manufactured by STN, LLC. are certified under the following standards:

The quality of STN, LLC. products is approved with the protocols of Public Health Ministries and Fire Security Services of Ukraine and Russia.



Russian Federation certificates




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